Tomato-Basil Scallops with Linguine

This recipe is my latest creation and was inspired by receiving from my sister and brother-in-law a package of Tomato-Basil Linguine pasta in my Christmas culinary treats basket this year.


  • Deep Sea or Bay Scallops
  • Olive Oil
  • Sherry
  • Linguine
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil with Herbs (Julienne cut)
  • Marinated Artichoke Hearts
  • Fresh Garlic (chopped or minced)
  • Basil (frsesh, crushed or pesto)
  • Red Pepper (Cayenne; crushed or ground)
  • The Method:

    This is ridiculously easy... It takes maybe 15 minutes to prepare.

    Cook the pasta per the instructions on the package. In a skillet, combine the sun-dried tomatoes and marinated artichoke hearts with some minced garlic, basil (or pesto) and a little olive oil to coat the skillet. I add a splash of sherry to sweeten and warm the flavors. Hold the ground red pepper. If you can only get dry tomatoes, you could attempt to reinvigorate them in a tiny amount of water and add oil when they are put in the skillet. Don't dump in the artichoke marinade, just fish out the artichokes.

    Saute the ingredients on low heat to let the flavors mature. When the pasta is nearly done, add the scallops and cook them just enough to kill the microbes. They should remain tender, not too springy. If they assume the consistency of high shock rubber dampers then you've overcooked! Add a dash of ground red pepper when you put in the scallops.

    Serve with a salad (maybe greens with red onion, blue cheese, walnuts and golden raisins and a balsamic vinaigrette?) or a green vegetable. You already have the pasta so a starchy vegetable like potatoes is overkill, but hot, fresh sourdough bread with olive oil and cracked black pepper for dipping would be fantastic. I like a chardonnay with this dish, but a riesling or other German white will nicely accompany this as well.

    While I have called this a scallop dish, it works equally well with shrimp and I strongly suspect that it would be wonderful with mussels too (even all three!).

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