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I have been an avid science fiction fan since a very early age, idolizing Dr. Benton Quest from Jonny Quest and The Professor from Gilligan's Island, reading Isaac Asimov, H. G. Wells and especially Jules Verne while in elementary school (one of the first sci-fi books a remember reading was a children's book by Kin Platt called The Blue Man). I watched Star Trek every afternoon (I'm just old enough to remember seeing it in its original run on prime time) and collected the James Blish short stories based on the series. Then there was the campy but irresistible Irwin Allen classic Lost on Space, the great but little known Gerry Anderson series UFO, and its more serious and edgy spin-off Space: 1999. I also enjoyed science fiction films and became a sort of juvenile cult film buff. When I was about eight years of age, I began to compile a list of all the science fiction and horror films that I had seen and to establish ratings of their quality. Necessarily my tastes have evolved over the years and many a "great!" film (featuring men in baggy rubber monster suits) has been degraded to an "excruciating" rating.

The science fiction film is, in many instances, merely a horror film with a scientifically plausible premise. There are others though that hearken to the best literary efforts of the genre to engage the viewer in a very serious dialogue regarding matters of sociological and philosophical import, and it is these films which, in my estimation at least, work in the truest traditions of the science fiction genre.

This page is a tribute to the best efforts of the science fiction film genre since the earliest days of the motion picture cinema as well as an introduction for the youth of today into the wonders of imagination that may be explored in a host of older films that are becoming increasingly obscure with the passing of the independent TV station and the rise of the cable empires, but which have become available again in many cases on VHS video or DVD. If I can guide a young person to experience the same pleasures that I had as a kid watching these classics particularly, then my task is fulfilled.

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This is a work in progress, so come back from time to time to see which films have been added.


The more deathray emitting discs from another world, the better! Only the better films are represented here, so there are no degrees of bad ratings. In the future I may add a list of fair and bad movies, but why bother to review the junk?
A True Classic! de Rigeur for any Aficionado
Well Worth the Trouble of Finding and Watching
Better Than Bad, Its Good!
Properly Misspent Time


These are the links to the in-depth reviews, trivia and images for all the best science fiction films that I have seen. Go straight to the source or peruse the list of all the films below.

The Golden Age of Science Fiction Films (1916 - 1945)

The classic originals of genre cinema from Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea to Dr. Cyclops.

The Atomic Age of Science Fiction Films (1945 - 1964)

The Sci-Fi Fifties Creature Features plus the classics of Cold War cinema and the dawn of space exploration from Destination Moon to Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

The Age of Dystopia in Science Fiction Films (1965 - Present)

The future looks bleak as life follows art in space exploration, machine intelligence and societal control in films from Fahrenheit 451 to War of the Worlds and beyond.

The Internet Movie Database: Science Fiction A nearly complete listing of genre films


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