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I am a Liberal Arts (English) and Mechanical Engineering graduate of Auburn University, drawn equally by Imagination and Reason. This page is devoted principally to my scientific and technical interests, and to the shooting sports. Rathcoombe Manor©, devoted to literary and artistic interests (particularly those of a sci-fi, fantasy, literary romantic or gothic character), is now re-located to its own domain.

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In the summer of 1996, I took a geology course on Dinosaurs of Alabama. See the link at the right for fascinating details about the early Cretaceous dinosauria of my home state.

My web page on terminal ballistics is my second scientific posting, treating on a very serious professional interest of mine that deserves to be properly examined and explained for the average hunter or anyone who has a need to understand the effects of bullets on impact.

Possibly stirred by my Victorian and Western nostaglia, I have always favored shooting sports and big game hunting, though I can be a rather extreme environmentalist. Here is my page devoted to the restoration and shooting of vintage classic sporting arms from the late 19th century and early 20th century. Follow the terminal ballistics link for some of my hunting adventures.

Also linked here is My Blog Spot, which leads to a series of essays on intellectual, political and scientific matters, including peak oil and the quest for alternative energy sources.

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All the opinions expressed on this and on subordinate pages are those of the author, who has an ascerbic and ironic sense of humor. The author assumes no responsibility for any misapprehension or confusion on the part of the viewer, nor for any emotional or psychological distress, either real or purported.

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