Maitre Harault's Culinary Masterpieces
or, How to Make Great Food in a Hurry Without a Degree from the Sorbonne

I've been threatening for a long time to grace the world with my culinary exploits, so here at long last I make good on my promise.

All of these recipes and their accompanying side dishes are easy to make. They better be or I won't bother. Experimental cooking appeals to the mad scientist in me but I'm not interested in recipes that resemble the process for cracking and refining crude oil into premium gasoline.

These recipes are also a great way to eat very well on a modest budget. Before I began to indulge my taste for good wines, my grocery bill was less than $100 a month. The price of oil has made that a dream of the past, but you can still eat very well for a modest outlay.

A little culinary philosophy is in order.

Good food begins with good ingredients. Don't substitute the good stuff. Use butter, not "Light Tasty Spread". A little lemon juice in lowfat milk does not make a suitable substitute for buttermilk. Fresh is better than canned. Baby portobellos from the fresh produce section beats a can of "Pieces and Stems" any day. You get the picture.

Good food has some fat in it. Just because its got some butter or a little olive oil doesn't make it a dietary nightmare. You won't gain weight from cooking with the quantities of fat in my recipes. Leave off the soft drinks and the hoo-hoos and let the good food alone!

Be daring! Its difficult to ruin a dish if you exercise a modicum of common sense. I cannot remember the last time I did (ruin a dish, I mean). ;)

I like to use spices. If you have a sensitive palate adjust accordingly, but don't leave out the flavor. A good way to find new ideas is just to read the spice bottle and smell the contents. Its usually suggestive of appropriate combinations.

Don't get hung up on measures. I don't even own a measuring cup or spoon set. Cook by instinct.

The Recipes


Honey-Balsamic Grilled Chicken Gourmet masterpiece in less than an hour
Romany Chicken My interpretation of a Balkan favorite
Chili del Pollo The answer to hunger on wintry evenings
Peri-Peri Mango Chicken A lively African-spiced dish
Sabre Chicken A hen fit for Hun hussars
Lemon Pepper Chicken Cous-Cous A Southern Mediterranean inspired dish!

Beef & Venison

Rosemary Garlic Rib Roast Like a prime rib, but better
The World's Greatest Chili Them's fightin' words!
Spaghetti Bolognese Spruce up a bachelor(ette) staple
Boeuf Ogarkov aka Beef Stroganov (I gotta be different)
Venison Pot Roast A hearty hunter's favorite perfected
North of the Border Burritos Another budget minded specialty
Gypsy Gulasch Perfect for an All Hallow's Eve feast!


Indoor Barbeque The ultimate frontier for manly culinary arts
Pork Roast with Mango Chutney An impromptu classic


Tomato-Basil Scallops with Linguine The fastest extraordinary cuisine I know
Ginger Marmalade Salmon This is honestly world class

Vegetarian, Breakfast, Dessert, etc.

Buttermilk Pancakes to Die For For those Saturday morning sleep-ins
Black Beans & Rice An inexpensive Caribbean staple
Authentic Key Lime Pie The no kidding real thing
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