Classic Rifles, Pistols and Cartridges:

Shooting and Restoring Vintage Sporting Arms

Assembled here are several pages describing what has become my consuming interest in collecting and shooting firearms: the vintage sporting arms of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as contemporary interpretations of those classics. While the rest of the shooting and hunting world chases after the latest camouflage synthetic stocked, fluted heavy barrel pseudo-tactical "modern sporting rifle" innovation chambered in the current short action magnum flavor of the month or yet another variation on the AR-15, I will savor the marvels of yesteryear - the firearms and cartridges that are classics. While I lack the resources to build a collection of all the fascinating rifles that have come along, I will from time to time acquire, clean and restore, test fire and report on some of these - and then pass them along to another admirer. Some of these present special challenges - I call them my problem children - but the challenge is part of the fun.

Table of Contents

Restoring and Shooting the Classic .256 Mannlicher Model 1895 Sporting Rifle My brother rebuilds a mutilated clunker and an arsenal queen into fine sporting rifles - Updated 25 March 2013
Shooting the Westley Richards 1869 Model .450 Number 1 Carbine Sporting Rifle I conduct an exhaustive investigation of nitro-for-black loads for this obscure and venerable light rifle-cartridge combination
Shooting the Webley Mk VI .45 Auto Rim Revolver I develop loads for this post-war British import that are both safe and duplicate the original Webley ammunition
Restoring and Shooting the W. W. Greener .303 Lee-Speed Sporting Rifle My brother restores a vintage 1895 sporting rifle and I wrestle with making it shoot again - New 24 August 2013
Retro-Vintage: Re-Making the Ruger M77 Mk II Magnum Express Rifle .416 Rigby A custom rifle building project wherein a stock Ruger Magnum is transformed into a more traditional and functional classic big-bore - New 13 September 2013

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